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Zendesk Support

Zendesk Support: Customizing Your Help Desk To Fit Your Business

So You’ve Chosen Zendesk…What Next?

First thing first: Congratulations on choosing Zendesk for your help center platform! You’ve chosen wisely, and now it’s time to set up your support. But where do you start?  If you are only plugging your email into Zendesk, you are missing some really powerful tools.

The Yeomen understand the challenge of trying to customize your Zendesk on your own. It’s a robust piece of software with a lot of options for making it your own. Understanding how it works is only part of the equation; you also need to know how it can work for your business.

As official Zendesk partners, The Yeomen can help you setup all the great features Zendesk has to offer. Check out the topics below and consider how they apply to the kind of support you envision for your company.

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Gaming Your Macros

The Macro options in Zendesk are some of the most useful and essential tools for building a support system that works for your business.  Not only do they allow support teams to respond quickly to customers, but they can also perform important functions to keep your support organized and efficient.  Macros can do everything from triggering automations to transferring customers to the correct department.  There’s very little limit to how they can be used to customize your support.

This is why your macro structure is so important to the quality of your support.  In order for your agents to serve your customers, you need to have processes in place that utilize macros to make support as efficient and customer-friendly as possible.  A solid macro framework with excellent content can reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction, which leads to repeat customers.  Check out The Yeomen and Zendesk resources below, and contact The Yeomen if you’d like help developing this important part of your support system.

Preparing Your Help Center

The Zendesk Help Center tool can provide public-facing documentation to your customers without the need of custom coding or page design. The options for organizing content are extremely flexible, which means you can provide just about any kind of information your customers need. FAQs, tutorials, legal disclaimers; all of it can be put in front of your customers and shaped to fit your brand identity.  We’ve created a quick set suggestions for establishing brand voice in Customer Support based on The Yeomen’s work with customers over the years.

How you choose to set up your Zendesk Help Center directly affects the quality of your support. Consider what information is most important for your customers to know, and then organize that content in a way that is easy to find. This will reduce strain on your agents as well as prevent brand erosion.  You’ll save money because your support team will answer fewer tickets,  and your customers will remain loyal to your brand because of how easy it is to get answers to their questions.

Determine your Agent Structure

Zendesk provides many options for organizing your support team so that it aligns with your community needs. You can create support tiers that progress as tickets become more complex, or you can develop unique departments that specialize in a particular area of your business. You can even modify the access that your agents have with customized views, which is extremely important if your product or service involves sensitive content.  The Yeomen has built complex, multi-brand, multi-support channel, multi-level Zendesk systems and we can speak to the adaptability of their system.  We can create truly “Zen desk” experiences with their platform.

Great agent structure is crucial to support, so your Zendesk agent views need to be built in a way that fits your product. Consider what kind of organization fits your needs, and then create views that will provide this to customers.  Don’t forget about setting up the right permissions to protect both you and your community.

Collect the Right Data

A good helpdesk not only serves customers, but also contributes to improving your product and brand. Zendesk Insights are a key factor to making this happen. Insights allow you to build unique reports that provide data about every facet of your product.  Want to know what features customers want? You can learn that from Insights.  Need to look for ways to decrease response time? Insights can help.

There are few restrictions to what knowledge you can gain from Insights, provided your system is built to collect it.  To make sure you get the most out of your reports, The Yeomen recommends you make sure your Zendesk is tuned to gather a wide variety of data that can be compiled into robust report.  Make sure that you know what data is pertinent to your growth, and then focus your customization around the areas of support that relate.

Plan Your Integrations

One of Zendesk’s best features is its ability to integrate with other software platforms and plugins. There are many apps and plugins made specifically for Zendesk that can be used to customize your support. If your company uses custom software, this can be connected to Zendesk via their API.  Is your developer working overtime on your product?  It’s ok!  The Yeomen will work with produce the integrations on your behalf while your team continues to focus on the development of an amazing product.

The challenge is determining which apps makes the most sense for your community, and then tuning Zendesk to use these integrations correctly.  The Yeomen suggests that you first have a solid plan for how Zendesk fits into your business processes and use that as the basis for determining which individual app addresses each of your distinct support needs.  That plan should be customized to your needs.  If you’d like help defining how customer support fits into your larger plan, The Yeomen can help.  We’ve guided a variety of companies through our process, and we’d love to help you, too!

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