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“The Yeomen took the seed of our ideas and expanded them into a comprehensive solution”

Tyler Menzel, Editorial Director

GIPHY is the best way to search, share, and discover GIFs on the internet. Similar to the way other search engines work, GIPHY indexes and organizes GIFS into an accessible catalog for the world to enjoy. The company also features the best GIF artists and user-made content as well as custom toolsets for creating, saving, and sharing GIFs.

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“These guys are awesome! Subject matter experts who will walk any company through the ins and outs of not only building, but managing a top notch support desk”

Jordan Jez, Founder

Glass Smith is an on-demand repair service that's changing the way electronics are fixed. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, Glass Smith provides customers with unprecedented flexibility by performing repairs remotely from a location of the customer's choosing. The company is best known for its remarkably fast service, its high-quality techs, and its convenient scheduling process.


“The Yeomen has been an amazing partner for us, helping us stay nimble and provide awesome support to our members during a period of rapid growth.”

Darnell Witt, Director of Community

Vimeo is a worldwide community of video enthusiasts and creative professionals that also provides video hosting services for businesses around the globe.

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“We selected The Yeomen because they have an outstanding track record of delivering the best customer service experience for clients.”

Jason Daniels, MotionMD Portfolio Manager

DJO Global is a leading medical device company providing solutions for musculoskeletal and vascular health, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and pain management as well as joint reconstruction. DJO Global’s products – used in clinical, athletic training and at home settings - help patients prevent injury, rehabilitate after injury or surgery or manage progression of degenerative disease, enabling them to keep moving and to return to a healthier lifestyle.


“After vetting The Yeomen for cultural fit and capability, it was clear that they had a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise.”

Jason Sharpe, Head of Global Ops

FiftyThree brings together the craft of software, hardware, and service design. Founded in 2011, and based in New York, the company is known for its award winning Paper iOS app and the original Pencil stylus. It has been internationally recognized for design excellence and innovation, receiving awards from Apple, IDSA, The Edison Awards, and IxDA.

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