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Tag: support desk

Instantly Improve Your Help Section With These Tips

Reduce the cost of running support with these tweaks to your help section Multiple choice question: Robert is having issues with a specific feature of the new app he just downloaded. After trying several times to figure out what he’s doing wrong, his next steps are what? Robert submits a support ticket asking what the […]

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6 Questions to Ask When Choosing A Help Desk

Choosing software that is going to help improve customer support and your business overall can be a bit daunting. While they all seem to have bells and whistles that peak your interest, there are some questions you’ll need to ask yourself and your team before making a decision. The help desk you choose is going […]

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Why do I need a support desk?

  Customer support is an essential component in your organization. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a business that has been around for years. Providing amazing support and keeping track of customer interactions cannot be done efficiently or effectively without a support desk. That’s right, it’s time to say goodbye to responding […]

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