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Tag: customer support

Zendesk Releases “Guide” — an AI infused help center

It’s common knowledge that a well-designed “self-service” option for your customers will Empower a growing portion of your userbase to find their own answers to questions. Slow the growth of your support team for other channels. What if your desk could add a reason between the two above?  Zendesk’s new help center, Guide, provides the […]

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AI and Customer Support

Whether it’s E.L.F., Satisfi, or the Staples Easy Button, more companies are leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) than ever before. Domino’s chatbot, Dom, even gives hungry customers the ability to order a pizza straight through Facebook Messenger. These easy-to-use customer services come in many shapes and sizes, but they all come as a […]

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What To Do during Your First 60 Days as a Support Agent

Customer support is not an easy industry to jump into on your first day. Not only do you have to learn the processes of a new company, but you also have to become an expert on a product or service you’ve just begun to encounter.  Your job is to be an expert, and on day […]

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3 Options for Non-Traditional Customer Support

Remember customer support back in the day? Back when if you needed help you either dug through an instruction manual or called a support number and waited for a very long time to speak to a person? Thankfully that’s not the case anymore. As customer support evolves, the number of ways a consumer can get […]

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To Macro or To Not Macro: A Guide to Canned Responses

Macros are very much like the Force.  They emanate throughout the entire support universe, guiding agents to fast solutions and consistent customer care. Those who harness them responsibly experience the joy of a happy community and company growth, while those who abuse them fall prey to a dark path of dwindling customers and the destruction […]

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Customer Support: The Path to Putting EdTech in the Classroom

    Education Technology is becoming a game changer because of the impact gamification has made on young and adult learners. Gamification has been shown to be an effective way to engage and motivate learners because it makes learning fun and approachable.   According to a 2015 study, the Gamification market is expected to reach […]

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The Cost of Poor Customer Support

  Think back to the last time you were enraged by a poor customer support experience.  What’s the first thing you did?  Hit up the internet and scrawl a loathsome review on their website?  Call up a friend and vent your fury? Send angry birdies across the skies of Twitter?  Chances are you found some […]

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4 Ways Your Marketing Efforts Could Benefit from Customer Support Insight

How closely do your marketing and customer support teams work together? Do they communicate on a regular basis? Do they talk at all? If they aren’t, then they need to.  Because collaboration between the two teams that directly engage your customers can only improve their experience with your company.   Marketing and Support are, in […]

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Thoughts from Support Group: The Truth about Bug Reporting

We had a fantastic time last week at Support Group talking with Kailee Urban about her experience with reporting bugs. Her insights really opened up some discussions about why bug reporting is so crucial to great customer support. For Kailee, bug reporting isn’t just part of what she does; it’s the foundation of support. Yes, […]

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Redefining Outsourcing. Redefining Customer Support.

When you hear the word “Outsource,” what comes to mind? The loss of domestic jobs? The exploitation of an unskilled worker? A business that can’t support its own product, so it passes it off to the lowest bidder? You wouldn’t be the first to have those thoughts. Outsourcing has become a bad word in the […]

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