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We're ready to help with your help desk.


Put our experience to work.

The Yeomen consulting will turn your support into a service that doesn’t just solve problems, but turns customers into advocates for your brand.  We’ll build you a solution that engages your community and keeps them happy.  Our workflows reduce response times and increase customer satisfaction, and our policies protect both you and the community you serve.  Put The Yeomen’s experience at the helm of your support, and make customer service a cornerstone of your business.  

We’ll help you:

  • Build a finely-tuned help desk that balances care and efficiency.
  • Develop policies that protect your company and respect your customers.
  • Draft internal workflows to provide consistent, informed support.
  • Recruit and train expert support agents dedicated to serving your community.

Support Staffing

Building out Support

Are you just starting to build your support team?  We can help.  The Yeomen will staff your help desk with the support you need to help your company grow.  We provide you with reports and feedback from your customers so you can improve your product.  If there are bugs in your system, we’ll make sure you know about them.  As you plan for growth, our team can plan a strategy to scale your support.

We provide:

  • A professional support member who will focus on helping you grow your clientele.
  • Timely, engaging support responses.
  • Bug reporting and customer feedback to help you develop a more appealing product.
  • A structure ready to meet your growing support needs.

The Yeomen team has been instrumental in building our support foundation to ensure the happiness of our customers.

Jason Sharpe, Global Operations Director, FiftyThree

Gearing for Growth

Are you ready for a bit more support?  We can do that.  The Yeomen will provide a full-time agent or a complete support team dedicated to your brand.  We learn your company culture and represent those values to your customers.  Our professionals become experts on your product and help your customers grow in their knowledge as well.  As you continue to experience growth, our team will put measures in place to keep your support running efficiently.  

Our support staffing provides:

  • A dedicated team providing coverage of your support desk based on your desired service hours.
  • Close integration with your team to ensure healthy communication.
  • Development of efficiency measures to better manage the growth of your support needs.
  • The ability to expand support through localization.

Boosting your Squad

Need to boost your existing support team?  We’ve got it covered.  The Yeomen can strengthen your team with professional agents at a cost that won’t significantly increase your overhead. We’ll engage your most urgent support concerns and help you eliminate your backlog.  If you need international expertise, we can provide team members to assist in foreign markets.

We will:

  • Recruit a team ready to integrate into your established workflows.
  • Help with your most pressing issues while we expand our expertise.
  • Staff to extend your reach around the globe.
  • Keep the costs of support in check with a distributed team.
  • Staff to extend your reach around the globe.

The Yeomen has been an amazing partner for us, helping us stay nimble and provide awesome support to our members during a period of rapid growth.

Darnell Witt, Director of Community, Vimeo


Growth that keeps your customers first.

Is your product gaining a foothold in foreign markets? We can help.  The Yeomen can localize your support to accommodate an international client base. We’ll take your workflows and modify them to meet region-specific needs. If you need additional staff, we can set you up with an expert who can engage with customers in their native language.  Put our expertise to work, and stay connected to your community wherever it may be in the world.  

Our team will:

  • Develop a support policy that respects region-specific needs.
  • Create language-specific style guides.
  • Translate internal and public documentation.
  • Staff language-specific support based on your growth.

Are you ready to discuss your support needs?

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