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Import2 Team Resource Page

Our Partners

The Yeomen love partnering with companies who establish customer support as a priority and make it an essential pillar of their business model. We work best with folks who are dedicated to establishing long-term solutions for their support and will invest the proper resources to build a strong service foundation for their communities.

Our Services

  • Build and fine-tune custom support solutions that balance care and efficiency.
  • Establish communication channels, including email, chat, phone, SMS, social media messaging.
  • Integrate and customize native and third-party apps into your support desk.
  • Create business rules and automation to fine-tune support workflows.
  • Develop resources and documentation that provide fast and consistent support to customers.
  • Build custom reports for internal performance metrics and external customer feedback.
  • Train expert support teams dedicated to serving your community.


If a client would like to learn more about us, you can direct them to visit our Services, or to download a case study of our work from our Testimonials.

Download our One Sheets:


We also have an extensive blog with articles relating to the importance of a well-built Help Desk.  Feel free to use this information in your conversations with clients or pass it along to the client directly.





Contact Us


If you have questions about whether a client is the right fit, or if you’d like to learn more information about the referral process, then feel free to contact Jim via email at
[email protected]

Alternatively, you can submit client information yourself through the contact form below.

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