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Help Desk Comparison

Goodbye Inbox:

A Guide To Choosing the Right Help Desk Platform for Your Business.

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So, your company has grown to a size in which an email account is no longer enough to serve as your help desk. Congratulations! The Yeomen believes this is reason to celebrate. It means you’re ready to build a real help desk, one that will push your company to the next stage of its growth. And that growth begins with finding the right Help Desk software.

If you plan for your company to be around for the long haul, then selecting a great help desk platform is absolutely essential. There’s no substitute for the organization and management perks they provide to both your employees and your customers. Without it, you simply won’t be able to achieve the kind of consistency that turns customers into longtime advocates for your brand.

Yes, a helpdesk will cost you more than a free email account, but the lasting efficiency and insight you gain are worth the investment. From The Yeomen’s experience, the real challenge isn’t knowing if you should move to a proper help center; it’s knowing which of the many solutions is best for your company.

Before You Choose

Help desk programs are as diverse and unique as any other product, which means that picking the right one can be daunting. If you jump into the search without a clear plan, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed. The Yeomen believe the best place to start is with your customers. What will they need from you to truly enjoy your product? Once you’ve answered this questions, determining which ticket system will be a breeze.

Consider what makes sense for your product. Map out a plan of what features you think will make your customer support successful. Not all help desk programs are built to do the same thing, so you’ll need that information to pick the best one for you. Here are some points The Yeomen want you to consider when deciding what Help Desk program will work for your company:

Purpose of Your Help Desk

  • Will I use all of the features this desk provides?
  • Does the platform add efficiency and value to my support?
  • Will this platform allow me to grow my needs as my business grows?

While it’s clear that the primary focus of most help desks is to serve customers, some companies rely on their customer support for more than collecting customer contacts. Help Desk software can also be used to store important customer data, or to track potential customers through the sales process. Others use their software exclusively as a CRM.

If you plan on using your help desk for more than just ticket resolution, then you need to know what those other purposes are and how they integrate with your help desk platform. Make sure that your software offers features that align with the way you plan to use it. If you are not entirely sure, it’s ok. The Yeomen can guide you to a decision that puts you on the right path.

Communication Channels

  • How fast do customers need their problems immediately resolved?
  • Are my customers tech-savvy?
  • Will my support include automated messages?
  • When I grow, will I need to add more options for contacting support?

There are many ways that customer support can connect with your community. Email and phone support are the two most common, but many companies are also utilizing SMS text, Live Chat, and community forums to connect with customers.

Each of these channels has its own pros and cons, so the key to successfully using them is knowing how they fit into your support plan. And remember: more communication options is not always better. Truth be told, The Yeomen has found customers simply want an efficient way to find solutions to their problems. Determine where you customers are spending their time online before picking the ways you want them to connect with you.

Apps & Integration

  • Are you using other programs that need to connect to support?
  • Will your apps work with the platform you choose?
  • Are there features in the Desk that can replace something you’re currently using?
  • Will I need to utilize more software as I grow?

One of the toughest aspects of managing a company (especially if you’re in the tech business) is streamlining all of the different programs you use to complete your daily work. Compatibility and integration can be huge factors in determining how efficient workflows move from department to department. The Yeomen knows this is especially true in customer support.

Luckily, many of the Desk software tools have API capability as well as plugin options that allow you to connect other software to your help center. Each is unique in how it integrates with other programs, so if you plan on connecting your support to any other software, you need to have that list ready before you buy.

Help Center

  • How much public-facing material do I need for my customers?
  • What kind of material do I need?
  • How much customization do I want for the presentation of that material?
  • How do I want my community to access that material?

The Yeomen know that no help desk is complete without a solid collection of public-facing materials that educates your community. FAQs, tutorial pages, and downloadable manuals are all part of what make support efficient. The more you can proactively give to your community, the better your customer support will be.

This does not mean you should cram every possible document in front of your customers. Instead, you need to think about what materials will help your users enjoy your product, and then choose a help desk software that allows you to deliver them to your customers with ease.

Data Collection

  • How do I want to use my reports?
  • What kind of information do you want to pull from your desk?
  • Who is receiving these reports, and why?
  • How custom do I need my reports to be?

As epicenters of contact between company and customer, helps desks are uniquely positioned to supply you with an incredible trove of useful data. The Yeomen pull data on everything from workflow efficiency to product quality runs through customer support, and the right Help Center product can compile all that knowledge into reports that can improve your company.

Knowing what data you want to pull from your customers should play a major role in the help desk software you ultimately choose. If you plan to rely heavily on independent research for company feedback, then you may not need detailed, comprehensive reports. If customer support is how you intend to learn more about your business, The Yeomen recommends that you make sure the platform you choose has strong analytics tools.


  • How do I want to use my reports?
  • What kind of information do you want to pull from your desk?
  • Who is receiving these reports, and why?
  • How custom do I need my reports to be?

Regardless of what features you’re looking for in a help desk program, cost will be a determining factor in your decision. Like most products, help desk software varies drastically in price from platform to platform. This is often the result of extra capabilities or features that software can provide to your team. Here’s the thing to remember: Just because the program costs more does not mean it is better.

When considering price, you should really think about two the two Fs: Features and Future. If you don’t need the bells and whistles that one program offers, then why pay more for them? If future growth won’t affect the need for additional features, then what’s the point? Think about what you truly need to have great customer support, and then make your decision based upon what program will deliver it at the best cost.

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