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Zendesk Releases “Guide” — an AI infused help center

It’s common knowledge that a well-designed “self-service” option for your customers will Empower a growing portion of your userbase to find their own answers to questions. Slow the growth of your support team for other channels. What if your desk could add a reason between the two above?  Zendesk’s new help center, Guide, provides the […]

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The Yeomen ends staffing services to focus on growing consulting services.

After three and a half years of finding talented, compassionate people around the world and matching them with amazing, customer centered companies, The Yeomen has stopped offering outsourced support staffing. We are working with our partners to keep as many of our team members serving their customers. I’m personally grateful for our support community and […]

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AI and Customer Support

Whether it’s E.L.F., Satisfi, or the Staples Easy Button, more companies are leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) than ever before. Domino’s chatbot, Dom, even gives hungry customers the ability to order a pizza straight through Facebook Messenger. These easy-to-use customer services come in many shapes and sizes, but they all come as a […]

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What To Do during Your First 60 Days as a Support Agent

Customer support is not an easy industry to jump into on your first day. Not only do you have to learn the processes of a new company, but you also have to become an expert on a product or service you’ve just begun to encounter.  Your job is to be an expert, and on day […]

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3 Options for Non-Traditional Customer Support

Remember customer support back in the day? Back when if you needed help you either dug through an instruction manual or called a support number and waited for a very long time to speak to a person? Thankfully that’s not the case anymore. As customer support evolves, the number of ways a consumer can get […]

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Four Things To Consider when Automating Support

To a manager looking to cut costs in Customer Support, automations may seem like a golden goose.  They’re cheap, efficient, and can handle a full gamut of services normally performed by a support agent. On paper, it may look rosy, but be careful; automations are not always a saving grace.    Automations should not be […]

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The Power of Kindness

Did you know that smiles are contagious? How about that good deeds create a ripple effect? The power of kindness is real. In fact, some of the greatest philosophers across the globe spoke in praise of kindness. Kindness Philosophy “It is the characteristic of the magnanimous man to ask no favor but to be ready […]

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4 Ways To Establish Your Voice in Customer Support

  Have you ever contacted the customer support of a company only to discover that it doesn’t feel like you’re talking to the same folks? It’s really, really frustrating.  And it will cost you customers.     Research has shown that customers who perceive a significant difference between brand identity and customer support will develop stronger […]

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Zendesk Insights: A Glimpse into the Health of Your Company

  Every company would love it if they could wave a magic wand and learn everything they need to know about the health of the company.  Until the Ministry of Magic changes its rules about Muggles, that unfortunately won’t be an option.  But companies do have the next best thing: the Customer Support Department.      […]

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Have Zendesk Questions? Ask the Yeobot!

One of the keys to providing amazing and efficient customer support is moving out of the inbox and setting up a Help Desk. As a customer support service provider, setting up, customizing, and managing customer support software is something we excel at. One of our favorite and most used support desks is Zendesk. Why do […]

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