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Jobs at The Yeomen

Great communities are nurtured by great people. We created The Yeomen to find great people and provide them with a work environment that’s interesting, challenging, supportive, and fun.

The Yeomen are a community of support experts who build and staff customized support solutions for companies and organizations. We specialize in creating help desks that don’t just resolve problems, but also foster brand loyalty and growth by cultivating relationships with user communities. Our mission is to bring a human element to support by connecting customers to real people who care about customer concerns and work hard to resolve their issues with compassion, care, and positivity.

The Yeomen are strong advocates of community. We believe the empathy and engagement that we invest in our customers should be reflected in our own workspace. Teamwork is the core of how we operate. We collaborate with one another, work together to solve problems, and take equal share in our successes. We celebrate and embrace diverse personalities, encourage social interaction, and welcome opportunities for our own team members to engage with each other’s insights and ideas. We also like our fun. If you can speak in gifs and emoticons, then you may be a good fit for our community.

Thinking about joining us? Here are some of the best things about being on our team:

  • You can work from your home, at a coffee shop, by the pool, or pretty much anywhere you can find WiFi.
  • Our salaries and benefits are competitive for our industry.
  • You get a shiny MacBook and all kinds of software tools for making your work time productive and enjoyable.
  • Our clients are awesome, and so are the people that use their products.
  • We live in a never-ending stream of meme references.

Current Opportunities