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About Us

“The Yeomen took the seed of our ideas and expanded them into a comprehensive solution.”

Tyler Menzel
Editorial Director



Who are The Yeomen?

The Yeomen are a team of professionals who build custom support solutions for businesses and organizations across the globe. We specialize in creating systems that don’t just resolve problems, but also foster brand loyalty and growth by cultivating relationships with user communities.

Caretakers of Community

The core principle of The Yeomen is the belief that customer support is first and foremost an industry of service. We believe that authentic, human connections are the best way to engage customers and make them feel appreciated and understood. Every support system we build puts people first and ensures that their experience is one of respect, trust, and positivity.

Protecting your Brand

The Yeomen recognize that customer support is often the first point of contact between companies and its customers. That’s why we invest heavily into learning the culture of our partners.

Upsourcing your Support

The pride of the Yeomen is building a support system that caters to your specific needs. We don’t merely shove your support into our rigid system; we build a model that works for you. Our experts will work closely with you to understand your products, your customers, your needs, and then create a plan that aligns these with your future goals. That’s what we call upsourcing.


  The Yeomen’s vision for support is reflected in our blog. If you’d like to learn about our approach, feel free to contact us.  We’d love to chat with you about how we can help!