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Zendesk Releases “Guide” — an AI infused help center

It’s common knowledge that a well-designed “self-service” option for your customers will

  1. Empower a growing portion of your userbase to find their own answers to questions.
  2. Slow the growth of your support team for other channels.

What if your desk could add a reason between the two above?  Zendesk’s new help center, Guide, provides the foundation to apply some AI driven tools to better serve your customers while refreshing the tool to encourage your team to proactively publish and update info about your product.

AI and Support:  Check out The Yeomen review of the ways AI is having an impact on customer support.

Zendesk starts by making it super easy to take answers you’ve provided through other support channels and turn them into new or updated articles.  With a few clicks, you can push that amazing response you sent to a customer via email out to Guide where the same response will be waiting for the next person searching for the answer.  You can also organize content by category and sections to make it easier to browse your Guide. Rich Text Editing lets you incorporate photos and videos to help your customers along to a solution.  All features you’ve come to expect with an integrated support system.

The Yeomen is excited to see Zendesk amplify their platform by integrating some amazing tools.  

  • Integrating the Zendesk Knowledge Capture App gives your team a readily available feedback loop to report outdated Guide content and make suggestions for importing articles.  
  • Answer Bot uses deep learning technology to proactively suggest knowledge base articles based on their questions.  It even studies customer patterns to increase the accuracy of its responses!
  • Pathfinder tracks what pages in your Guide are viewed before the customer reaches out to you.  Pathfinder gives your team better insight into the customer’s needs and helps them more accurately solve the issue at hand.

Might a move to Guide give you and your team the tools they need to drive customer satisfaction up for your product?  Learn more about Zendesk’s Guide here.  If you’d like a demo of any of these new Zendesk features, email us today!  As a Zendesk Preferred Partner, we have early access!

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