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The Yeomen ends staffing services to focus on growing consulting services.

After three and a half years of finding talented, compassionate people around the world and matching them with amazing, customer centered companies, The Yeomen has stopped offering outsourced support staffing. We are working with our partners to keep as many of our team members serving their customers. I’m personally grateful for our support community and I am proud of them and their work. The Yeomen’s reputation as “Trusted Advisors and Cultivators of Community” was founded on the daily work of our team. Their ability to maintain SLA expectations while keeping CSAT scores in the 80 and 90 percentiles provided the “proof in the pudding” for us as we started building support systems for other companies. Our consistent performance in support was the marriage of great people with policies, protocols, and systems built to empower growing teams.

While The Yeomen will no longer staff desks, we will continue to build and improve support systems. We have a growing portfolio of companies who have significantly improved customer engagement and satisfaction with our help. The Yeomen builds new systems from the ground up by porting over an email address and customizing a help desk to add structure designed to better manage the needs of a growing customer base. We also help established support teams improve performance and communication through policy and resource development, The Yeomen consulting work significantly impacts customers experiences thousands of times a day. Read more about our impact on our testimonials page.

Our consulting work has given us deep understanding of the Zendesk ecosystem in particular. We understand that Zendesk can feel like the right platform for support while giving you an overwhelmed feeling as you start setting it up. We can help get Zendesk working for you and your customers. Through our preferred partnership and experience with the platform over the better part of a decade, we have developed the skills to turn your desk into a system that matches your specific needs.

Support System Solutions

  • Build and fine-tune custom support solutions, business rules, and automation.
  • Establish communication channels, including email, chat, phone, SMS, and social media.
  • Integrate and customize native and third-party apps into your support desk.

Help Center Implementation

  • Implement your Knowledge Base, FAQ, and Community Forums.
  • Draft internal workflows to provide consistent, informed support.
  • Develop policies that protect your company and respect your customers.

Reporting and Training

  • Build custom reports for internal performance metrics.
  • Develop insights reflecting external customer feedback.
  • Train expert support teams dedicated to serving your community.

To get started, check out our Zendesk page for helpful insights on setting up your desk for success.

We also understand that Zendesk is not always the best fit for your customer needs. While we believe Zendesk is built to scale and therefore a solid place to plant your support system, there are a host of desks out there promising a valuable experience. We’ve pulled together a set of questions you should be asking yourself when deciding what help desk system is right for your business. You’ll find our evaluation guide on our help desk comparison page with helpful questions to evaluate your support needs. We hope it will guide you towards the platform that’s the best fit.

The Yeomen understands that this may feel overwhelming. You may be asking how you’ll find time to evaluate desks let alone get the right one set up. It’s ok. That is why we are here. Drop us a line.

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