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Zendesk Insights: A Glimpse into the Health of Your Company


Every company would love it if they could wave a magic wand and learn everything they need to know about the health of the company.  Until the Ministry of Magic changes its rules about Muggles, that unfortunately won’t be an option.  But companies do have the next best thing: the Customer Support Department.     

Customer Service departments are integrated into every facet of a business. They manage administrative issues, process shipping and returns, handle payments, and mediate disputes.  The agents communicate directly with the people using the product, so they understand the kinds of people using the product, how they feel about it, and what methods work best to make them happy.  Support utilizes business rules and policy, applying it directly to customer situations and concerns. And all of these interactions culminate into a wealth of data about the company. The information is there; it’s just a matter of obtaining it.

If you’re lucky enough to be using Zendesk for support, then you already have the tool to mine all the data you could possibly want. It’s called Insights.

Zendesk Insights are essentially reports that provides you metrics about your support desk. If set up properly, they can tell just about everything you could possibly want to know about your company.   Everything from product quality to consumer trends of your client base can be tracked, compiled, and transformed into a detailed report that you can use to strengthen your business. There is also, of course, the standard data you’d expect a good platform to track:  Response times, Ticket resolution data, volume reports.  But if you want to get the best overall picture of where your company stands with customers, Insights is where it happens.  

The way this works is that Insights can be designed to pull data from custom fields that you can name and control, which gives you the ability to essentially track anything coming into your support team.  Want to know what kinds of glitches and bugs are in your product?  You can do that.  Curious about specific troubleshooting issues your customers are having?  No problem.  Just build the correct macros in your system, and all of this data can easily be mined.  

To be effective, however, Insights take a little bit of creative thinking on the part of your support team.  Because the insights are entirely custom, you need to think about what information you want to pull, and then create the right fields that will accurately pull that data into your reports.  Zendesk has designed the system to give you a wide range of options, but it’s up to you to set it all up.

Zendesk Insights isn’t meant to replace extensive market research or product development.  You won’t get the same kind of information from them as would from a focus group (although you could, if you got fancy enough).  But what Insights will do is alert you to important happenings within your company, and it does so without the additional cost of traditional R&D.  It’s an effective, consistent way to continuously monitor the health of your company, and is certainly worth the time and effort to get it working properly.   

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