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Meet Our Support Group Speaker: Turner Yevich

November 3rd is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited for this Support Group. For those who are new to it, Support Group is a community of customer service professionals who come together to discuss their experiences of serving communities.

This week, we have a very special guest speaker: Our very own Turner Yevich.


About Turner:
turnerTurner is a true Guru of all things Customer Support. He began his journey in the industry at Tumblr, where he served in the role of Support Ambassador. In this position, he worked with customers and the development teams at Tumblr to resolve issues and improve Tumblr’s product.

Turner quickly rose to the top of his field, taking a senior ambassador role and co-founding a new team called Spam Ops. As the name suggests, the team focused on developing systems and processes for combating spam in Tumblr’s product.

His success with Spam Ops brought him to the Tumblr office in New York, where he served as Manager & Engineer Liaison. After the sale of Tumblr, Turner joined The Yeomen as a Support Specialist, where he currently works to build custom support solutions for businesses and organizations across the globe.

Turner will be talking about the importance of building support systems that generate valuable reports. He’ll lay out why customer support is a goldmine of useful data, and how you can tune your desk to collect and process it in a meaningful way.

We’re very excited for him to share his experience with us, and we hope you all can join us on Nov. 3rd. Snacks and drinks will be provided. See you there!!

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