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8 Tips For Flex-Work Productivity


 Here at The Yeomen, Flex-work is a big part of our culture. We believe in supporting the full lives of our team members by giving them work flexibility and the option to work remotely so that they can build their work schedule around their lifestyle.

Our employees travel, spend much needed time with family and friends, and pursue their passions all while being amazing support people for our clients! We’re proud of the strong, tight-knit culture we’ve built even though our employees live all over the country. This type of culture is not one that creates itself so we’ve gathered some work from home tips from our team to share.


Here are some tips that help keep our team productive and success no matter where they work.


  1. “Always put on pants. It’s important to get yourself into “work mode” each day, and getting dressed is the first step.” – Jim Coe


  1.  “My number one rule is to work comfortable. I can focus for longer periods of time if I find a comfy spot and get in the groove. Music helps, too.” – Jacob


  1.  “Comfort is also key to me. I can’t sit at a desk or regular chair for more than two hours. I love working from my couch.”  – Becky


  1.  “I’m the opposite – sitting at a desk helps me transition from “home” to “work” mentally. Comfort is definitely key though.”  – Slater


  1.  “An airy, cool room is a big help for me. Stifling heat in summer makes it very hard to concentrate for me. So that’s the first thing I seek out!” – Rob


  1. “I need some collection time before jumping in.  Sometimes I just roll out of bed and make it work. But most times I need to get up, open the blinds, and just think about my day.” – Carlos

  2.  “I’ve got to set boundaries with friends & fam. I can’t talk or hang any time just because I’m home.” – Emily


  1. “Think about your goal for that day, and focus on getting it done.  Do that, and you’ll be productive no matter where you’re working from” – Logan

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