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Customer Support: The Path to Putting EdTech in the Classroom




Education Technology is becoming a game changer because of the impact gamification has made on young and adult learners. Gamification has been shown to be an effective way to engage and motivate learners because it makes learning fun and approachable.


According to a 2015 study, the Gamification market is expected to reach $5500 Billion by 2018. With 97% of kids and learners playing computer and video games, and 97% of teachers using digital games created specifically for educational use, “EdTech” (educational technology) is definitely a lucrative niche.


But with thousands of apps in the app store, how do you get your educational app or game into the classroom? You could spend a hopeful bundle on expensive advertising campaigns, or bankrupt your way into a premium spot in an app store.  Those will work if you enjoy having no money.  A great alternative, (and one that’s friendlier to the wallet), is to invest in great customer service.  Here’s why:


Parents talk

If there’s one subject that keeps parents talking, it’s their kids:  The hottest toy, the latest adventure, and of course, the newest way to make life a bit easier for mommy and daddy.  Interestingly, studies show that 71% of parents who have a good customer experience with a product will keep using it.  Even better, they’ll tell (on average) 16 people about how great it is.  To put it simply, make the parents happy, and get more customers.  


Teachers Like Technology

Research collected by states that 70% of teachers indicate an increase in student engagement when using educational technology. There is a growing number of educators looking for tech tools to improve learning within the classroom. However, with so many options out there, educators often get app fatigue from trying to use or implement new apps into their curriculum. According to an interview in KQED News, “Learning is hard and change is even harder, so once teachers have found a tool that meets their learning goals, they are unlikely to shift without a good reason.”


Research shows that if teachers have great resources, they’re far more likely to use an app.  If your support can provide educators with quick service and answers to their questions,  you’ll have a much better chance of your product becoming integrated into the curriculum.   


People Listen to Reviews

According to recent research, 92% of people who shop online are influenced by the reviews they read about the product.  The most influentual reviews are those about customer support.  If people feel they can trust you, they’ll buy your product.  


Trust is built through customer support.  Good customer support experience always means that users will return to your product, even if they experience some kind of unpleasantness while using it. Your app may not be 100% out of the gate, but an amazing support team  will help place it in the upper echelon of EdTech apps.


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