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4 Ways Your Marketing Efforts Could Benefit from Customer Support Insight

How closely do your marketing and customer support teams work together? Do they communicate on a regular basis? Do they talk at all? If they aren’t, then they need to.  Because collaboration between the two teams that directly engage your customers can only improve their experience with your company.  

MarketingandSupportMarketing and Support are, in a way, the two pillars of customer contact.  While these two departments deal with different aspects of your business, they both communicate with your customers and are both charged with enhancing the customer experience. Your marketing team is responsible for attracting new customers and keeping them engaged with your brand. Your customer support team is responsible for helping customers in times of need. Both have the same essential goal:  Engage the customer and provide them with what they need.

So why aren’t these two teams communicating? Both are serving customers, so they should be working together to provide the best experience possible.

Here are four ways your marketing efforts could benefit from customer support insights.


Planning Promotions

If there’s one thing your customer support team knows, it’s what promotions your customers don’t want- they get the emails about them. Discussing promotions with your support team can help provide some insight into the ones that might not be effective with your community

Crafting Emails

Whether you’re running an email promotion or writing an email newsletter, get your customer support team involved. They will likely have great ideas about what information your customers need to know in order to understand your products or services.  Support teams deal with customer struggles everyday, so consulting them about their needs will only benefit you when communicating with them.

Web Content

Web content is designed to convert visitors, but they won’t be effective if the material is not clear or contains jargon your customers won’t understand. Support teams are trained in delivering information clearly and simply.  They also know your product, so they should know how to describe it to the layman.  They also know what aspects of your website create the most confusion. Is that button too small? Is it in a not-so-obvious place? They’ll likely catch design flaws before you will.

Product Descriptions

If there’s one thing a good customer support team should know well, it’s your product.  They’ve mastered every detail and function, and even better, they’re trained to explain that to the public.  So using them as a resource to create product descriptions is essential.  They’ll be able to help you craft copy that is clear, informative, and unique to your customers.   them can help reduce the amount of questions that come in once a product is released.
The bottom line is this: Your customer support team knows how to speak to your customers because they do it every day. They know your products and they understand your users.  That’s a valuable resource to have, so don’t squander it.  Make sure that your support team is consulted when projects revolve around your customers.  Find out what they’re really experience.  Your business and your support will only be the better for it.

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