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SupConf keeps speaking to me.

supconf-20The month of June holds some ambitious goals. It going to be crazy busy as we stitch up unfinished projects.  It would be easy to set the experience of SupConf on a shelf and go back to it when I have more time. But the voices from SubConf keep speaking to me, reminding me there is reason to start responding to what I learned today. There’s Mercer whispering in my ear and I’m reminded that my RSS feed needs to be pruned back and built out with voices from the support community that inspire and challenge me.

supconf-4My next two weeks are a wall of events that rivals the steep cliffs of Thingvellir.  I’ve planned out content for our Yeomen community blog for the next couple weeks in preparation.  Then I heard Nicole whispering in my ear and toss out a couple drafts in exchange for a discussion about professional growth with my team.


Other voices that deeply care about support speak to me as well. I hear Coley and Simon urging me to meet with my Team Leads to discuss data.  I hear Ben and Andrew challenging me to continue to create opportunities for our team to grow and take this work seriously.  I hear colleagues sharing nuggets of insight while we turned to each other between speakers and I turn their wisdom into actions in my “inbox”.

The Yeomen was started with the core belief that folks could find real meaning and value in supporting others.  It’s been a challenge to find a larger community that shares this core belief about our work.  I’m grateful for Scott and the amazing Support Driven community. Together, they’ve created a home for us, a place where we can celebrate our work and passion for support.

“Us” meaning you and me!  Are you working with customers?  Do you want to get better at it?  Do you want to be valued for your stellar work?  Well, come join us!

(thank you to Lance Conzett for the event photos!)

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