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Redefining Outsourcing. Redefining Customer Support.

When you hear the word “Outsource,” what comes to mind? The loss of domestic jobs? The exploitation of an unskilled worker? A business that can’t support its own product, so it passes it off to the lowest bidder? You wouldn’t be the first to have those thoughts. Outsourcing has become a bad word in the business world. If you outsource your work, it’s a dirty secret that nobody can know about. It feels uncomfortable to do and it’s even more uncomfortable to talk about.

But why?

To put it simply, the practice of outsourcing has become synonymous with a lower standard of quality. There’s an assumption that if you outsource a portion of your business, you’re doing it to lower your cost rather than care for the customer. In the customer support industry, this is especially true, and it’s because the outsourcers themselves have given the industry a bad image. Many customer support services offer a version of the negative stereotype that is crippling the practice: Call centers crammed with low paid workers. Support “specialists” who read scripts rather than know the product. Partnerships with folks who don’t take the time to embrace and represent your company’s values. Industry standards such as these raise a few disturbing questions:

Are they good at what they do?

Do they really know your products and services?

Do they even care?

There is an alternative to this model. One that staffs experts to support products while providing a comfortable work environment and a fair salary for their expertise. There’s a model that places your company culture as a priority, and trains support staff to represent your brand in the same way that an in-house employee would be expected to.

Doesn’t feel like outsourcing, does it? Because it’s not. It’s upsourcing.

Upsourcing refers to a company that passes off a facet of their business to a team of experts to make it better. In the case of customer support, it’s partnering with professionals who transform service into a crucial asset that makes customers love your product even more.

Doesn’t that sound like a much better term?

This is the model that we at The Yeomen have chosen to follow. We are upsourcers. Our goal is to change the customer support industry so that it becomes synonymous with the high standards of professionalism that every business should strive to achieve. And everything we do works for that end.

We are The Yeomen. We offer Customer Support services. Don’t outsource your support; upsource it.

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