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Then and Now: Carlos

We love telling stories about our culture here at The Yeomen. We have a strong belief that taking care of your employees and encouraging them to lead more balanced, fulfilling lives improves the company as a whole. One of the ways we do that is by allowing our employees to work remotely.

Don’t take our word for it, here it from one of our own employees. Meet Carlos.

Telecommuting is an interestingly personal word. Before I started working here, I felt it was about working from home. But it’s deeper than that. It really clings to what you make of it. Some people like working in a co-working space, while others enjoy the comfort of wearing pajamas and sitting at home.

I do a mix of the two. While I love my office and my apartment, sometimes I want to go to up the street and have a burger – it’s almost like I’m having a lunch date with my users. Sometimes I just blast an album and sing loudly (sorry neighbors (not sorry)) while answering questions. I also have the freedom to visit friends and family around the country without needing to take time off. All of that good energy makes for a positive work experience that I convey to the community I manage.

Working from home also allows me the freedom to be at home with my pets. I have a rabbit named Ned and a pug puppy named Winston. They are both such great contributions to my work/life balance. They keep me on my toes, but remind me not to get too wrapped up during tough situations.

In the beginning I would have agreed that there were a lot of distractions at home and that it would be hard to manage my time. But as I worked more and more, I realized that I’m a grown man and I need to make this work. I set-up boundaries and am always testing things to make that balance work better and better. I don’t think working from home is something everyone can do effectively but if you have the right mindset and the discipline you can definitely make it work, and work well.

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