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Solve The Customer Problem

peter-shankmanRemember when Morton’s delivered a steak to Peter Shankman at the airport because he tweeted about it?

How about the story of the Traders Joe’s personal delivery to a WWII Vet who was snowed in?

These are awesome stories and excellent examples of amazing customer service. They urge customer support and customer service people everywhere to

Go the extra mile…
Create raving fans…
Pull crazy PR stunts….

And yes, these are all great tools to help establish a loyal customer base and create buzz. Unfortunately, they only work to raise your brand up if the rest of the time you provide consistent customer support.

Quick, Seamless Solutions. What makes customers the most happy is solving their problem quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

When asked, customers routinely share they’d prefer a short path from a problem to a solution over anything else (Zendesk | Talkdesk).  Sure, we all want to be treated like a real person when looking for help.  That’s a given.  The challenge is finding that balance between authentic interaction with customers and timely resolution of issues.

This is how amazing support is done. It’s great (and important) to go the extra mile, but let’s not forget the point of customer support: Solve the problem.

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