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4 Customer Support Resolutions That Will Set You Up for Success in 2016

If there’s one trend you need to pay attention to in 2016, it’s the growing demand for a great customer service.

According to New Voice Media,

  • 59% of 25-34 year-olds share poor customer experiences online.
  • After a positive customer experience, 69% of Americans would recommend that company to others.
  • Following a negative customer experience, 58% of Americans would never use that company again.
  • 34% would take revenge by posting a review online.

These stats should make it glaringly obvious that even if you have an amazing product, your customer service (or lack thereof) can make or break a customer’s decision to return and influence the purchasing decisions of any of their friends or family members.

So how do you button up your support in 2016? Here are some resolutions we suggest.

1. Resolve to move out of your inbox

Round_Yeomen_MFFirst thing’s first: you can’t provide excellent customer service and keep track of your customer interactions from your inbox. You need a support desk that can track incoming requests, collect customer data, allow you to respond promptly, and ultimately add structure to the support process.

Support desks provide you with features your inbox could never dream of. For example, tracking all of your customer history so that you can look for trends or past conversations. You can also set-up a base set of responses to ensure that your team is presenting a clear company voice to your customers.

If you don’t have a support desk and plan to implement one this year, check out this article to get you pointed in the right direction: 6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Help Desk

2. Resolve to improve your communication flow

There’s a lot that needs to be communicated when it comes to support. It’s not just a two way conversation between the support person and the customer. There are bug reports that need to go to your developers, feedback that needs to go to your marketing or product development team, and internal items that need to be communicated to the entire team.

This is why you need a streamlined flow of communication to make sure everyone stays up-to-date and keeps moving forward to provide awesome support and improve your product(s) as you go.

Are all of these things being communicated? Check out this article on developing a communication workflow.

3. Resolve to bolster your Help Section

Believe it or not, most customers don’t like to call or write into support. They’d much rather find the answer on their own and they’d prefer to find the answer as quickly as possible. This is where a Help Section comes in handy. Your help section should be more than an FAQ page – it should be a robust, searchable help section that changes as your products and services do.

Your Help Section should

  • Have a logical framework
  • Never assume a base knowledge
  • Include common problems you’ve found by researching your support tickets
  • Have a getting started guide
  • Be indexed and searchable
  • Be updated frequently

Having a great Help Section will reduce your amount of support tickets and create positive experiences for your customers.

Read more about how to improve your help section here: Instantly Improve Your Help Section With These Tips

4. Resolve to take a deep dive into your customer support data

Your customer data can help you improve everything from your products to your marketing. A good support desk allows you to keep track of and tag support tickets, conversations, requests, bug reports, and a ton of other things.  

Here are some ways you can use that data:

  • Find the most requested features and send them to your developers or product development team for product improvement.
  • Get insights into the customer perspective.
  • Track customer patterns of need based on when they write into support.

Take on any or all of these resolutions and your customer support will shine in 2016!

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