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Shorty The Yeomen Gnome: Our Global Ambassador

Here at The Yeomen we have a very special team member who travels the globe as The Yeomen’s Global Ambassador. His name is Shorty. And he is a garden gnome who is an important part of our culture here at The Yeomen.

We mail Shorty to each other so that he can go on adventures in different parts of the world. As our team has grown, Shorty has done a lot of traveling!  He’s not just some garden gnome we picked up at Target. Shorty actually has a history that stems from before The Yeomen existed.

Like any great icon or mascot, Shorty has an origin story. When Jim was a minister (yep, you read that right), there was a family at his congregation with a young daughter who had cancer. To contract cancer at such a young is heartbreaking. The congregation pulled together to do everything they could for her and her family.  Jim spent time with the family, and, at one point, share a story he heard years ago.

A woman looked out her window on a Saturday and noticed a limo pulled up in front of her house.  She walked up to the car as the driver was opening the door to the back seat.  Sitting there was a photo album and a lawn gnome.  The gnome was in year yard but had been stolen years ago.  She figured kids from the neighborhood snatched it up.  The album was full of photos of the gnome taken all over the world.  This little lawn ornament had somehow criss-crossed the globe!  She never found out who did it.  

Jim mentioned to the family that he’d secretly love to do the same thing.  The young girl survived the cancer, and on Jim’s last Sunday with the church, her family gave him Shorty.

Balance is an important part of our culture here at The Yeomen. Shorty reminds us to explore, live life, and go on adventures. Life is short. Embrace passion, take time with loved ones, gravitate towards new experiences, and tell us a story when you return on Monday morning.

Shorty has certainly lived in 2015! Here is a snapshot of all of the places he’s been. You can follow him and his travels on Instagram @ShortyTYG. May he inspire your next adventure!

Shorty Travels

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