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When Everything Goes Wrong: Developing a Crisis Plan for [¡Insert Crisis Here!]

The MessageThe holidays are upon us! If there’s one thing you need to have it’s a crisis plan. What if your ecommerce site crashes in the middle of your Black Friday Sale? What if your service stops working over the Thanksgiving weekend when most of your team is taking time off? No matter what the situation, your team should be prepared to face it head on.

While you can’t anticipate every single problem that could arise, you should definitely plan for the worst situations. Every plan needs to match your organization’s policies and at the same time match the relationship you have with your customers. Your staff should also be prepared to deal with a combative user or a situation where tension is high.

If you haven’t created a crisis plan or don’t really have an in-depth one in place, check out these excellent videos from The User Voice blog.

How A Crisis Helped Us Scale – Simon Chan, Wunderlist

Handling A Crisis With Knowledge, Efficiency, and Dialogue – Carolyn Kopprasch, Buffer

Dealing With A Combative User – Dennis Hong, Automattic

If you’re looking for customer support coverage and aren’t sure where to turn, give us a shout! We hope you have a crisis free holiday season!

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