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Then and Now: Nicole

How my life has changed since working for The Yeomen.

My name is Nicole and my life used to be different before working for The Yeomen.

I am originally from the United States, and I came over to Europe with the intention of seeing more of the world. However, this was often made difficult by a conflict of interest between me and my employers.  I often had jobs where I was required to stay in one place, or was only able to take holidays during certain weeks of the year, such as when I worked as an Early Years Educator.  In this position, we were only allowed to take holidays during pre-assigned school breaks.

This was difficult for me, because I wanted the ability to be able to see and immerse myself in cultures for longer than my allowed vacation time.  Being only able to travel to places for a few days a year stifled my being able to truly spend time in a culture and get to know its people and ways.

Here is a photo of me and how I felt around that time:


I also often dreamed of a job where I could be totally quiet, and have complete silence.  My wish was to be like my favourite animal, the alpaca, a silent animal who only occasionally hums.  Friends and family told me that a job like this did not exist in this world, and that I would never be able to “be like the alpaca.”

How wrong they were!

Today I am often like the alpaca, where I am able to work in the silence and stillness of my own home.


I am also able to fulfill my lifelong dream of traveling, and of spending time getting to know other cultures.  For example, though I am normally based in Berlin, this past spring I spent six weeks in Lisbon, in the gorgeous country of Portugal, soaking up the rays of beautiful sunshine and sitting by the ocean every single night.  It was a dream come true for me, and, hopefully, only the first of the cultural experiences I plan on having visiting countries for extended stays.

image2     image1


(That’s me and my girlfriend in the front!)

I long to make myself a citizen of the world, while also dedicating myself to helping others, which makes working for The Yeomen a great fit.

Other pluses since starting work with The Yeomen: Not spending endless money on uncomfortable office clothes, and being able to put that money toward my future travels.  Also, yoga breaks, hula hoop breaks, and dance parties whenever it feels right!


All in all, working with The Yeomen has given me the chance to feel more in control of my immediate surroundings, while also letting me take advantage of my love of helping others!


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