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Building a Culture of Work-Life Balance

imageThere are two opposing views that rear their heads when it comes to work-life balance. One that believes it is crucial and achievable, and one that believes it is elusive and unrealistic. Here at The Yeomen we strive for work-life balance and believe that it can and should be achieved. For our team, maintaining work-life balance is more about making sure we are pursuing our passions, taking care of ourselves, and taking time to be with family.

Researchers have been studying work-life balance for years and have shown that employees who do not make time for personal life (or who feel like they don’t have time), feel drained and distracted while they are at work.

Jennifer Dulski, the President and COO of suggests in a great Huffington Post article that employers “support the full lives of their employees’. This means taking a hard look at policies like parental leave, flextime, and a host of others that have the potential to improve your employee’s lives and well being. She points out that when employees are happy, they perform better at work, are more productive and more loyal. We agree.

So how do we keep our employees happy at The Yeomen? First off by offering them compassion. The same care and concern that we expect our employees to give to others, we give to them. Here are some other ways in which we’ve built work-life balance into our company culture – one that supports the full lives of our employees.

We Work From Home
All of our employees work remotely. This allows them to control their own environment – one that they can tweak and refine as they see fit. If it’s too cold in their office, they can adjust the temperature. They can snack on what they want, go for walks when they feel they need a break, sit in the chair they’d prefer to sit in (or sit anywhere they’d like to sit), etc. Their space is their own and so their work environment is 100% in their control.

We Have Flexible Hours
In addition to working from home, our employees have the ability to be flexible with their time. If they need to take a longer lunch, or more frequent breaks, they are at liberty to do so. We treat our employees like adults – it is up to them to complete the assigned work in a timely manner.

We Take Time Off
We make sure our employees understand what is important: family, personal time, pursuing passions… We encourage them to take vacation when they need it. In fact, they are required to take at least two weeks vacations a year.

We also make sure that the line between working and not working is clear. When we are off, we are off. We achieve all of this by structuring our contracts to allow people to work hard when they are on shift. Period. We do not allow our employees to be pulled back in when they are not helping customers.

We Promote Healthy Living Habits
We offer health benefits to make sure that our employees are taking care of themselves. You cannot be happy if you are not healthy. We also discuss healthy living habits regularly on our Slack board and on our internal blog. Yep, we have an internal blog! Every Friday, a member of the community adds a blog post specifically about health and wellness. Topics cover things like eye strain, healthy eating, proper posture, and other healthy habits that have been backed by research. We’re even offering virtual yoga and meditation sessions!

We Encourage Our Employees to DO
At The Yeomen we acknowledge that your work is not your life. We encourage our employees to pursue their passions when they’re not working. We have lots of makers, artists and musicians. We encourage them to go do something or make something; to travel; to be fulfilled and to come back on Monday and tell us a good story…

…And they do!

Building a culture of work-life balance has been fun and is so worth it. We care about our employees as much as we care about our clients and about their clients. Here at The Yeomen we believe that using compassion and care will always yield the best path.

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” – Dalai Lama

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