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5 values to instill in your Customer Support Staff


How We Approach Customer Support – and How You Should Too


Everyone is not cut out for customer support.

It takes someone with empathy and compassion. Someone who builds expertise and dedication.. Simply put, it takes a person who cares. They care about the work they do, the product they support, and most importantly about each and every person they help.

Here is how we approach customer support each day.


Be Compassionate
Treat every interaction with an equal amount of care and compassion. By the time someone writes into support, they are likely stressed. They need help, not judgement. While the answer may be simple to you, it may not be as obvious to others.

If you approach each interaction with care and compassion, you’ll find that you are more patient, and genuine care and concern will shine through. This is essential for a memorable experience for the customer.

Be Empathetic
Their stress is your stress. When we enter a conversation, we stop and get a sense for how that person is doing in that moment. It’s not enough to be helpful in these moments. We need to be human.  When we approach support with empathy, the customer feels a connection.

We take every customer seriously and strive to stand with them as we help.

Be Present
Stop thinking about lunch. Stop shuffling between screens. Each person needs your time and attention. The only way to meet their expectations is to be present. It’s all too easy for support staff to get lost in the question and answer, problem/solution rhythm. You’re not a robot so don’t act as one.

Being mindful takes practice.  You have to recognize how long you can sustain it.  Give yourself regular breaks, and keep bringing yourself back to the present moment without distraction.

Make Connections
It’s not just about answering a question and moving on. It’s about helping a user solve a problem, feel appreciated, and get excited about your company.

Think about the last time you experienced a great customer service or support moment. Didn’t you feel relieved and thankful? It leaves a lasting impression, doesn’t it?

That lasting impression, that real connection, is what turns customers into advocates.

Build Community
Your support should not consist of one or two on your team helping out when they can. It should be community building. It should lay open your product’s weaknesses. It should improve the way you and your product work by holding you accountable. Above all, it should compel your customers to tell your story.

This is what we do best at The Yeomen. We singly work on building a community and making each and every conversation matter.

We live these values (compassion, empathy, presence, connecting, and community) and we practice these values in our company. It’s a level of customer service that too many companies fail to provide yet can be one of the most impactful pieces of your business.

Whether you are without a help desk or your help desk just needs a little help, The Yeomen can get your support to the level it needs to be. Find out more.


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