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Creating Culture with Swag

We face some exciting challenges as a team that works remotely.  One way we are approaching those challenges is with swag.  The Yeomen is committed to building a company that values every employee.  We can’t shower our team with the normal fare of food, events, etc.  So we have created swag that has meaning behind it.The hoodie is a given. Taking a cue from our friends at Tumblr, we are going to produce a new hoodie each year for the staff.  It will mark the passage of time for folks who are growing with us.  This year’s hoodie was designed by the remarkable Campfire & Co.  And they were printed by Triple Stamp Press.  It’s a testament to the fine work of these folks that we have received a steady stream of requests for hoodies from outside of our team.

We also wanted to create a token.  Something that drove home the importance of each individual to the success of The Yeomen.  We arrived on a wooden coin.  The palette gave us freedom to design something beautiful with detail and symbolism.  These coins are only given to team members and partners who are helping to build an amazing company.  The Campfire Girls worked with Big Secret to produce these detailed, laser-etched pieces.

The result is a set of swag that has meaning.  Swag that helps to build a healthy team culture.  When you work for The Yeomen, you don’t just hear that you are valued.  We place that value in your hands.

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